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Caren Nederlander

Caren Nederlander Ph.D. is a practicing psychologist and photo artist as well as a world traveler. She is a native of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, where she lived for many years and raised her family. She now lives with her husband and the co-author of this book, Edwin B. Mishkin, in New York where the two have homes in East Hampton, Long Island, and New York City. Dr. Nederlander, who took all the photographs shown in this volume, has had numerous shows of her photographs and is the author of “Changing Views,” a color photographic book.

Caren Nederlander talks about her photography and the Romantic Rooms book project with Jenny Mayer on Plum TV. Watch the video here!

Edwin Mishkin

Edwin B. Mishkin is a former senior partner, now retired, of the international law firm Cleary Gottlieb LLP. Since his retirement he has authored several short stories and, with his wife Caren Nederlander, whom he married in April 2001, have traveled the world extensively.

The idea for this book emerged from the authors travel experiences throughout the world. They found too often that, despite extensive research for the best accommodations, the rooms they had booked ended up being unacceptable, with the result that the initial stage of their hotel experience frequently consisted of a search for a better room. So they decided to recommend to travelers, that the authors themselves experienced, the best "Rooms with a View" including the secret room number to help readers be able to fully enjoy their travels.


This volume is designed for those who seek a truly memorable travel experience, such as one would wish to have on one's honeymoon or wedding anniversary or other special occasion. In it we the authors offer, in pictures and in words, a compendium of the special places we ourselves have enjoyed on just such occasions in our own lives, and, importantly, we disclose here the specific hotel rooms we have found in them that can provide the most romantic experience.
We recognize that there is no shortage of travel guides that may be consulted when planning a vacation or a trip. So what can this one add to all the other materials that can be found in book stores or magazine stands or on-line, or that arrive unsolicited in the mail, or can be obtained from travel agents? The answer will be readily discovered upon a review of the contents of this volume, for what we show here will not be found elsewhere: more than one hundred of the best rooms that we have discovered in our travels, which we wish to share with our readers so that they too can enjoy the romantic experiences that we did when we visited them.
We recognize that our suggestions, while extensive, are not encyclopedic. After all, this edition includes only those rooms that we, the authors, have visited ourselves. And our guiding principle is that what we recommend must measure up to some rather exacting requirements. As we continue in our travels we hope to include in this work other places and rooms which we can add to the recommendations in this volume. And we invite our readers to submit their own suggestions for later editions. But the criteria for any subsequent inclusions will remain the same as we have applied here.
What are these criteria?
  They are several: First, the destinations must themselves be of interest to sophisticated travelers. Thus, we include here numerous cities that have cultural, political or historic importance; rural retreats where one can enjoy world-class gardens, stroll through pleasant country paths or admire views of mountains, lakes, rivers or streams; especially scenic and interesting resorts; and picturesque towns, villages and hamlets.
Second, the hotel, inn, chateau, castle or other place of accommodation we recommend must be worthy in our opinion of a "five star" rating, combining excellent dining, attractive public spaces, fine service, impeccable condition and good location.
Third, the rooms we recommend must be very special: they must be "rooms with a view" that are spacious, open and sun-lit, with multiple, large windows, preferably on the corner, and they must have well designed and attractively decorated interiors with comfortable sitting areas. We look for rooms with balconies or terraces, particularly when the view from them is exceptional. And it is essential that our perspective when we lie in bed be unrestricted, since we think that it greatly diminishes the experience to have the view from the bed confined to looking at walls or doors or other obstacles that separate the viewer from the openness of the room or rooms beyond. For this reason, the photographs of the rooms we recommend show the view they have from the bed, as well as from the windows or terraces, so that you, the prospective traveler, can see what they look like from these perspectives for yourselves. Of course, our criteria means that the rooms we recommend will not be inexpensive and so our recommendations are for affluent travelers and those who wish to enjoy the very best on that very special romantic occasion. And the best is difficult to find. It is not enough simply to ask the hotel manager or a travel agent for the most expensive room or suite in any given hotel. Often that means an "executive suite", a pair (or trio) of rooms that commonly are large in dimension but frequently are short in charm. It will take numerous phone calls, faxes, e-mails and website viewing to find the really special rooms that are available in the grand hotels in which you may wish to stay, and in many instances no amount of diligence on your part will uncover them until you arrive at the hotel, are displeased by the room assigned to you when it is shown to you and go searching the hotel for what you really want.
We know, for we have done this ourselves repeatedly before finding the quality rooms we have depicted in this work. And we are pleased now to offer them to you with our hope that you will enjoy them as much as we did.

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