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Hotel Schloss Monchstein Room

Hotel Schloss Monchstein View


Hotel Schloss Monchstein

Salzburg, Austria

Tel +43 662 84 85 55 0

Room 10, Maria Theresa Suite

There are at least three reasons to visit Salzburg. One is the music: It is, after all, the city of Mozart, whose canon is celebrated each year with Salzburg's annual summer music festival. Another is its scenic beauty: The mountains surrounding it provide the setting for the film version of Rodgers' and Hammerstein's Sound of Music. And the third surely is to stay at the Hotel Schloss Monchstein. The hotel, perched high above the city, has views of both the "old town" and the "new" (the terms are relative here as the "new" section is itself centuries old although much of it was rebuilt after the city was bombed in World War II). as well as the river that winds its way through it. Literally built into the rocky promontory, the hotel is bordered by a green park that serves (as the hotel's literature boasts) as an "urban sanctuary." Room 10 (the "Maria Theresa" Suite), pictured here, is one of the finest hotel rooms you will ever stay in. It is a large, windowed room (with three large windows, plus three more in the bath) that has breathtaking views of the city spread out in the valley below, and features marble floors, crystal chandeliers, high ceilings and (from the entry hallway) a large, open terrace where you can enjoy a private breakfast or lunch outdoors.


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