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Eden Rock Room

Eden Rock View


Eden Rock

St. Barthelemy, French West Indies

Tel +590 590 29 79 99

Room 425

St. Bart's is a little jewel of an island rising from the blue waters of the Caribbean that, with its boutique shopping, marvelous restaurants offering gourmet dining and distinctly French accents has as much of the feel of the South of France in the summer as of the Caribbean in the winter. There are several hotels on the island that one can enjoy but the one we think offers the most to the winter vacationer is the Eden Rock. Located on the bay of St. Jean, it has beach front access along the finest stretch of sandy beach on the island, from which one can enjoy sipping pina coladas while watching the surf breaking on the reef just offshore and the small planes banking overhead as they take off from the airport just down the beach.

There are several villas at the hotel with rooms that have balconies from which one can enjoy the view of the seascape as we show in the photo above. We stayed in Room 425 but there are several others like it at the hotel. Just be sure you stay in an upstairs room, rather than the ones on the ground floor, so you can enjoy an unobstructed view. The hotel also offers excellent dining in the main restaurant which is located at the summit of the rock from which the hotel derives its name; and the views from the restaurant's perch on Eden Rock are superb.


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