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Hay Adams Room

Hay Adams View


Hay Adams

Washington, D.C.

Tel 202 638 6600

Room 804

The Hay Adams aptly describes itself as Washington's landmark residence of choice for visitors to the nation's capital. Centrally located on Lafayette Square, just across the park from the White House, the Hay Adams has the ambiance of a private mansion, having been built in 1912 as a residential hotel; indeed it is as close as one can come to "old world elegance" in the capital of the new world. And it has a number of rooms that capture the views which its location make available. The best of them is room 804, which, as the picture shown here demonstrates, has a spectacular view of the White House and the Washington monument rising behind it. The sight of these icons from this room on a bright sunny day cannot help but make one feel patriotic, whatever one's political beliefs may be. The room itself is a spacious junior suite with multiple windows, four of which face the White House, and high, decorated ceilings. And one short flight up is the hotel's canvas canopied roof, from which one can view all of downtown Washington. It doesn't get any better than this.


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